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With a strong background in business & startup consulting, cybersecurity, full stack development, tour production, events, and e-commerce, I bring a broad and proven skill set to help propel your business or creative endeavor forward.

Support for Starting Techies & Developers:

Need help? I offer individual coaching for individuals who have in-depth questions or specific problems within their project, team, or production, and need someone with a wealth of experience to talk to.

Support for YouTubers, Indie Media Companies & Content Creators:

Are you facing a business or tech challenge? I offer hands-on support to help you navigate complex issues, from people dynamics and stream production problems to cybersecurity and urgent support needs.

Business & Startup Services

  • Business and Technology Consulting: Customized strategies to enhance your tech infrastructure, ensuring scalability and resilience.
  • Cybersecurity Audits: Advanced protection strategies for your digital assets and personnel for HIPAA, PCI and SOC2.
  • Mergers & Aquisitions: Expert due diligence and strategic guidance to ensure seamless integration and maximize value.
  • Leadership Coaching: Offering executive coaching and leadership development programs to enhance team performance and organizational culture.
  • Talent Acquisition & Development: Helping companies attract, retain, and develop top talent to build high-performing teams.
  • Digital Transformation: Guiding businesses through digital transformation initiatives to modernize their operations and improve efficiency.
  • Remote Work Solutions: Developing strategies and technologies to support remote work environments and improve remote team collaboration.
  • Technical Writing & Documentation: Creating comprehensive technical documentation and user guides to support product usage and training.
  • eCommerce Support: Custom Shopify app development or app support with stores up to $25 million AAR.
  • Web Development & Custom Software: Creating digital experiences designed to make an impact.
  • Mobile Application Development: Bringing your mobile app ideas to life across platforms like Apple, Android, and more.
  • Cloud Application Scaling: Leveraging expertise in AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure to manage applications that can scale to meet any demand.
  • Backup & Recovery Systems: Solutions designed to protect your data and ensure your business’s continuity.
  • IT Infrastructure Management: Ensuring robust and scalable IT infrastructure to support business growth and operational efficiency.
  • Network Support: Secure and efficient network configurations tailored for smooth operations.